Kotlety – Russian Meat Patties

22 May

Today i went around shopping with my mom in jersey, and after a pretty unsuccessful shopping day followed by a quick Shop Rite trip – it was time for dinner. My family makes these russian ground chicken patties called “Kotlety”. They’re a really fast dinner and really good…. especially with ketchup ❤ guess who made them herself?


1 Package of Ground Chicken

1 Egg

¾ cup of flavored Italian bread Crumbs

Salt and Pepper to Taste

½ an onion, grated

Olive oil


In a large bowl, mix the ground chicken, 1 egg, onion (previously grated), salt and pepper (amount to your liking), and breadcrumbs. Coat a large pan with olive oil. Heat up the pan. Form patties.


Place on top of oil, lower the heat to medium. Allow to cook on the first side. Check to see the underneath has lightly browned. Turn over, put on low heat, allow to continue to cook. Let them simmer under low heat.  Check periodically how it looks on both sides. Flip them a few times.


These should cook for about 20 minutes all together for 1 lb of chicken. Easy and quick. Feeds 3-4.

I made couscous with it. I like Near East Pearled Couscous with Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil. YUUUUUUUUM



2 Responses to “Kotlety – Russian Meat Patties”

  1. Sarah @ SarahPlanet.com May 24, 2011 at 3:54 am #

    Nice Heine! 😉

    Wow, another simple recipe that looks delish… Why have I never thought to look into Russian cuisine before? I can’t wait to try this one–I’ve actually never worked with ground chicken before. Only ground beef.

    Keep the recipes coming!


  2. marinascooking May 24, 2011 at 11:43 pm #

    thanks for the support sarah! 🙂 i know hahahahaha the heine made the photo :-p

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