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Yummy Slow Cooked Zucchini and Onions

20 Jul

So i’ll admit, my glazed salmon was a flop, i tried this recipe that was making an asian glaze with soy sauce and Szechuan, it was such a waste of trying to make my own glaze! 5 minutes into cooking the salmon the glaze around it that got onto the pan it was cooking in started BURNING in the pan and stunk up a storm. I had to switch pans and continue broiling the fish, and i was just completely unimpressed with the glaze anyway because it came out making the fish taste fishier – not my thing. I prefer a lemon sauce with light seasoning on my grilled or boiled salmon.

Anyway, I really liked the jasmine rice but my favorite were the slow cooked veggies. I literally just had this craving for soft zucchini and so i chopped up some zucchini and onion, put it into a slow-cooker and let it do its thing for like 5 hours.


Zucchini – chopped into squares
Onion – Sliced
Teriyaki Sauce
Soy Sauce
Ground Black Pepper
Toasted Sesame Seeds

This recipe calls for you to make your own judgement on how much sauce to use. It depends on how many veggies you’re using. I didn’t drench them, i poured a small amount in and let it mix with the juices of the veggies. I didn’t have any toasted sesame seeds but next time i will – and it will be better. Throw the veggies in and add all of the sauce, along with the pepper. Let it cook in there for a while, and bam – great, soft veggies. You can also do this on a skillet over warmed up oil and toss the veggies around over low heat with the sauce mixture.